Sell your car at Senior Cars

We are always looking for cars to buy and sell. If you are looking for an easy and friendly experience selling your car, then look no further. We buy some of the best cars available in the country and an opportunity to buy some of them locally is always appreciated.

We have two avenues to go down when purchasing cars from private sellers

Retail Opportunities

If your car meets our requirements for resale, we will value the vehicles ourselves with a view of re-selling them from our forecourt. There are some major factors that we will consider before we will buy or sell a vehicle. The number of owners, service history, specification and condition of the car both cosmetically and mechanically all have a major part to play in the decision of whether we will sell it or not and how much we would be prepared to pay for the vehicle.

We will use independent specialists to help value the vehicle, ensuring prices are impartial and fair, combined with our own market research to determine a price we would be prepared to pay for your car. If a price is agreed, you simply drop the car off to us (or we can pick it up) and we sort all of the necessary paperwork out, instantly transfer your money and ensure that if there is any value to the tax remaining on the car, it gets cancelled and refunded back to you.

Trade Vehicles

If your car is not something that meets our requirements for retailing a car, there is still a home for it! Through our large network of car dealers and motor traders we have gained over the years, there are many people that would love to retail your car. Just pop it in, let us have a good look at it so that we can accurately describe the vehicle to them and then you just relax and leave the rest to us!

We will get in contact with as many people as possible and see who will give you the highest price for your vehicle. Once we have this, we can let you know and if a deal is agreed, you can just drop it down to us with the paperwork required (V5 logbook etc) and we can pay you instantly via bank transfer - with no extra fee's such as webuyanycar! If the vehicle has any value to the tax left on it, this will automatically be cancelled and refunded back to you also.

Please do give us a call to make an appointment, or just pop in for a chat!

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